Structuring & Asset Protection

We believe a business structure is the framework of the stability, efficiency and flexibility of the ultimate financial outcome. Asset protection is the same essential for preserving and growing their wealth.

There is no one size fits all approach in relation to business structuring and wealth preservation. We run through the pros and cons to select the most tax and commercial effective course of action. Starting with an appropriate business structure is especially important to maximise the benefits and minimise the risks of a client’s business and investment.   We are committed to building a low cost, low-risk, high-return and sustainable business structure for our clients. With existing clients we undertake regular reviews to ensure that, in a rapidly changing tax and legislative environment, our client’s business and personal objectives are met.

We seek:

  • Complete segregation of active business and passive investment assets.
  • Flexibility within the structure
  • Protection of retained earnings and stakeholders’ equity
  • Income and capital gains tax efficiency
  • Ability to access and maximise small business capital gains tax concessions where
  • Succession from a business to a third party
  • Debt and equity efficiency – how the business/investment is funded.
  • Any international tax issues that may be involved.
  • Identify high and low risk entities/individuals
  • And so on

The above allow us to develop a business structuring plan that is specifically tailored to each client’s needs. It is also one of our purposes to establish asset preservation schemes for clients when clients achieve success and wealth growth with our help. We have developed comprehensive global asset preservation programs for many Australian and Chinese high net worth families, and have been committed to providing clients with a series of complete solutions for wealth growth and asset preservation.

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