Negotiation & Dispute Advisory

We stand out with others, with extensive experiences in the past to help our clients to negotiate in large business transactions, or in business disputes or even lawsuit cases.

Negotiating is a science that requires give and take, A successful negotiation can involve many skills knowledges, and experiences to manage the conflicts/differences of interests, starting with understanding the other party’s interests and tactics. Timing is also important in a negotiation.

Captune Partners past experiences include:

  • Assistance to a client in selling interest in a company owning a building in the
    Melbourne CBD, Settled his interest at the client’s desired price through months of
    financial analysis, and effective communication and negation with both Purchaser and
    the other business partner.
  • Assistance to a client in negotiating terms in a significant transaction;
  • Assistance to a group of high-net-worth individual investors and their legal
    representative followed by an investment fund’s administration, that was made a
    large news on media.
  • Assistance to a client in reviewing the financial statements of a joint venture with the
    client’s business partner and investigate financial issues. Also help in developing
    negotiating exit strategies.

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