Business/ Investment Valuation

Captune Partners assists clients in business/investment valuation, and building a tailored Due Diligence to help client manage risks in these transactions and gain more leverages in negotiation.

A business/investment value is the key piece of information before a client’s acquisition or investment decision, as essential as when negotiation with the other party. Business/investment valuation requires professional skills in adopting appropriate valuation methodologies, involving analysing the targeted historical financial and non-financial performance and based on it to arrive at a reasonable judgement of its future performance. We assist clients to make informed decisions and depending on one’s needs and scale, we provide valuations of business and investment that are detailed to various degrees.

Once investment decision is formed, we also conduct due diligence for clients to ensure the risks are kept to minimum and there are no hidden traps in those transactions. Our DD review services include assessing the investment structure assessing the quality of assets and earnings, identifying and quantifying implied costs, contingent liabilities, tax risks, industry and transaction specific risks, and opportunities; assess employee benefits, internal control structures, information technology systems and risk management procedures; and rationalising consideration.

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